How can I make a difference?

I want to use this blog for more than self worship. More than just reading my words for self aggrandizement. During my rehab and recovery, even with the wonderful support systems I have in place, there were times when everything seemed gray and as if the metaphorical walls were closing in around me. Long days were getting longer and days were blending together. There was very little that I drew inspiration from. My children specifically were my biggest motivator, there where days when that didn’t seem enough though.

My recovery is going very well, and I’m thankful, but I wondered what the next chapter of life would hold. The unknown can be both scary and exciting. I’m excited. I also wanted to incorporate more travel into my life, believing that would diminish the claustrophobic feeling I had encountered during the days,weeks and months of rehabbing. But how could I do more? How could my travels help someone else? Travel is so personal to each individual, how could my travel help anyone else? I thought about what would inspire me from someone else’s travel, pictures. Pictures, but not just any pictures, pictures of freedom, places that make you feel free, people who represent freedom, the people, places and things that provoke a sense of wonder and awe throughout the country and world. So that’s my new mandate, my new charge. Inspire those who may need to be replenished, refueled. Do it through travel and photography. I hope to be a blessing to someone as my family, friends and therapists/medical personnel, have been to me. Come join the travels and nourish your soul, one mile at a time with me.


The list

So I’ve made a list of about 20 initial places and or things I want to see. This list is fluid, it will grow as people share their experiences and dreams of travel with me. Come along…..

This list is in no particular order and it includes people, places and things that I think could be interesting and may offer a little hope, might help someone to escape from their reality briefly, allowing them some time to feel “free”.

Assateague island, Maryland

Celebrate, Puerto Rico

Vatican City, Italy


Castillo de San Narcos, St. Augustine Florida

Ft. Pierce Florida

Letchworth State Park New York

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Asheville, North Carolina

Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado

GlacierNational Park Montana

Orcas island Washington

Death Valley California

Apostle Island Wisconsin

Mt. Rushmore,South Dakota

Giza Egypt, the Great Pyramids

Oregon coast

I welcome suggestion for people, places and things to visit at